Via Perkins

Via Perkins

I’m an award-winning multimedia creator who has been working in writing, audio, and photography in the Boston area for over a decade. My essays have been published by Mimconnect, MXRS Commons, and in The Beiging of America (2Leaf Press), and as a journalist, a number of my articles and photos were front-page features. I shoot all types of portraits and events, from business headshots to convocations, and I’m well-versed in Photoshop retouching. I’m a singer/songwriter educated at Salem State University and Berklee College of Music who has performed and toured throughout the East Coast, and I’ve produced numerous songs and podcast episodes.

Current Residence: Boston, MA

Favorite Food: Gluten-free chocolate crepes

Instagram: @vialiveshere

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- Writing (editorial, journalism, blogs, essays) - $50/hour

- Editing (copy, resumes, essays, critiques) - $50/hour

- Photography (portraits, events, retouching, curating) - $50/hour

- Music (singing, songwriting, recording, performing) - $50/hour

- Audio Production (podcasting, music) - $50/hour


- A photographer to shoot lifestyle portraits

- A remote web/graphic designer for website assistance

- Open to other offers!