Tracy Dungo

Tracy Dungo / Uno Dos Trae

All things brand development + web design! We‘ve boiled our approach down to 5 core tenets of branding framework, driven by my unique experience of being on both sides of the business as the creative thinker as well as the businesswoman. I have over 12 years of brand experience working for companies like Ralph Lauren and People Mag before launching my own e-commerce lifestyle brand. Having a visual brand strategy is what made all the difference for my first business, making way for opportunities that led to hockey stick growth in an over-saturated market. I then started helping other businesses do the same. Using these as case studies, it eventually led to the launch of Uno Dos Trae, a creative studio helping other purpose-driven entrepreneurs turn their businesses into profitable visual brands.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Dang Rice Cakes + The Daily Crave Lentil Chips (serious addiction)

Instagram: @tracydungo


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- Visual Brand Strategy

- Brand Identity

- Web Design

- Experiential Alignment

- Content Momentum


- Copywriting

- Video Editing

- Next level engagement groups (not just commenting and liking every post- but to almost have an IG mastermind group and all talk about what it looks like to leverage our followings and support each other)

- Open to other offers!