Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison is a quasi-creative, communicator, and a change agent. She leads employee engagement at a telematics startup by day, a brand strategy firm and an e-commerce shop by night, advocates for water and sanitation health in her spare time, and writes every moment in between. 

Her work experience spans from working for a Fortune 100 company as a participant in their Leadership Development Program to working at a startup as their first full-time employee and their Vice President of Operations.

Ultimately, Taylor seeks to help people live fuller and freer lives. Through Jubilant, her brand strategy firm, she helps mission-driven organizations define, develop, and declare their brands and to build the systems that create a brand worth celebrating. Through her online shop, Emancipation, she helps customers find their own freedom through simple, seasonal, self-care practices.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois 

Favorite Food: Pasta.

Instagram: @shopemancipation

Additional Social Media: @wearejubilant 

Website: https://shopemancipation.com

Website: http://wearejubilant.com

Contact via email: taylor@wearejubilant.com



- Brand platform design including logo design and brand identity design ($1250) and website design (starts at $1500)

- A brand purpose-building session around mission, vision, and values (Value = $250) 

- Brand-aligned process creation (starts at $250)

- Products from my online shop


- I'm looking to partner with photographers and influencers. 

- Open to other offers!