Tatjana Ucci

Tatjana Ucci

After living in London 1-ish year, I've decided to
Create my own blog despite working for others magazine and newspaper (because I'm graduated in journalism). So I've started my new life as a blogger who loves social stuff and photography (I studied also photography!!) yep.. I love studying so much!! Anyway, I'm keen on baking goodness (rigorously gluten and lactose free thanks to my food allergies) and writing novels. Moreover after getting the 1st honours degree in my BA, actually I'm attending a MSc in "marketing and media management for company communication", as a communication specialist.

Current Residence: Italy

Favorite Food: Apricot jam pie

Instagram: @tatjanaucci

Website: https://www.tatjandmore.com

Contact via email: ucci.tatj@gmail.com



- I'm available to talk about it separately but usually to create a personalised post on my blog It'd cost around 70€ or on my IG Channel around 100€ But it depends on many factors.


- I'd like to partnering with dinamic, fashionable and stylish brand.

- Open to other offers!