Tara Virgo

Tara Virgo / VIRGO Concepts

I'm Tara Virgo. Yes, that's my real last name but I'm actually an Aquarius. A creative at heart, I pride myself on helping businesses and individuals create visually captivating brands. I start by taking a concept and elevating it with design. My experience goes beyond graphic design, as I've worked with businesses on their social presence, website and overall brand.

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Favorite Food: Um everything... Subs, chicken wings, donuts, pizza, sushi I could go on and on.

Instagram: @taramvirgo @virgoconcepts

Website: https://www.virgoconcepts.com

Contact via email: tara@virgoconcepts.com



- Branding: (Starting at $200)
>Brand Identity
>Logo Design
>Business Card Design

- Web Design (Starting at $500)
>Custom Website
>Website Refresh

- Content Creation (Starting at $100)
>Photo Shoot Styling
>Branded Photography

- Content Creation (Starting at $100)
>Photo Shoot Styling
>Branded Photography


- Photography

- Newly engaged couples, moms to be, small businesses, bloggers.

- Influencers

- Open to other offers!