Susannah Caviness / Tower Press

Tower Press was founded by two best friends, Susannah and Leela, with the notion that your business or brand can flourish with just a little extra magic. We met three years ago and eventually shared a studio space in Atlanta while Susannah was running a print studio and Leela was (and still is!) running her stationary company, Native Bear. Teaming up became inevitable, and we wanted to create a new business together that focused on what we love — Beautiful, luxe printing services (think business cards, postcards, art prints, stickers) that don’t break the bank. 

As a 100% women-owned business, our goal is to push creative boundaries so that you rise to the top. Whether it be through high-quality printed goods for your business, custom pins and patches that you wholesale or sell direct-to-consumer, or branding packages that make you stand out — we have a solution. 

Our clients range from the solo-preneur, to the creative hustler, to the WNBA and everyone in between.

Current Residence: Atlanta, Georgia 

Favorite Food: Full vegan breakfast -- biscuits and gravy, sausage, avocado, the works!

Instagram: @towerpress


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(All print work varies, these are priced at their higher quantities)

- Custom Enamel Pins: $300

- Custom Embroidered Patches: $300

- Foil Stamped Business Cards: $250

- Die Cut Stickers: $100 - $600

- Foil Stamped Postcards: $380


- Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

- Photography / Videography

- Social Media Management

- Digital Marketing

- Teaming Up with Influencers

- Open to other offers!