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Stephanie Carcache / Millennial Women, Inc

I was born and raised in Miami, FL to Cuban origin parents. With a Hispanic background growing up in the United States, I found a form of expression through my voice. After competing in the televised series “America’s Most Talented Kids” at the age of 13, I began an early career in the music industry.

Over the years I have furthered my musical studies together with Berklee College of Music Online as well as had the honor of performing in stages around the world with performances alongside Grammy Award Winner Stephan Moccio and the LGT Youth Orchestra for a sold out concert series in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates bringing the sounds of a full orchestra, pianist, and a pop crossover vocal together for a “Classic Meets Pop” introduction to the Middle East.

It is the opportunity to enlighten and speak through music regardless of
ethnicity, language, culture, or religion and the power that music holds to
bring humanity together that drives me to pursue not only music but
My passion project together with my sister, Millennial Women. 

Together we began a multimedia company that curates inspirational and resourceful content for the women of the millennial generation. The heartbeat of the company is our traveling podcast, Millennial Women Talk, where we travel city by city uncovering the challenges women are facing and work on ways to overcome them together. With the rapid growth of the podcast on Spotify and Itunes, we will be traveling to 6 more cities in 4 different countries this year! My passion and hope for the platform is to give the opportunity for women to engage in open conversations that lead to greater personal development as well as allow them to share their perspectives in hopes of reaching understanding amongst each other and realizing that fundamentally we are all so much more alike then we are different. I am also releasing a new solo piano and voice project this year too! 

What I have to barter is myself as a vocalist and songwriter: I have been able to create custom wedding songs for millennial non-traditional brides in the past as well as for any other occasion. Myself as a personal brand to be used as a case study and portfolio building. My platforms for increased targeting and visibility within the millennial demographic as well as within the arts community.

Current Residence: Miami, Fl/ Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Food: Acai Bowl

Instagram: @stephaniecarcache

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Stephanie'S BARTERING:

- Micro-Influencer fees: $250

- Vocalist/Songwriter fees: $500

- To be a featured Millennial Woman on our platforms: $250


- Web Designer/Developer 
- Photographer
- Videographer
- Copywriters
- Social Media Specialist/Digital Branding 
- Graphic Designer
- Stylists
- Artistic Directors
- Manager
- Open to other offers!