Stacey Jackson / NUDA

Hi! I’ve owned my own raw, health food centric business since 2011! I’ve been a chef to the stars, helping them prepare for roles. I’ve sold my plant cuisine collection in 30 retail stores through out LA & OC. I’ve been in farmers’ markets, you name it I’ve done it :)

As far as bartering I could offer catering, juice cleanses, my cafe to hold events. My shop is in an artist district so I could showcase women’s works on my walls and retail section. I could offer my kitchen for other growing businesses so long as they are vegan & gluten free. I could offer the front of my shop retail area as a pop up space for businesses to sell their goods. So many options!!!

Current Residence: Long Beach, California

Favorite Food: Burritos

Instagram: @nudajuiceshop

Social Media Link:


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- Location for event = 1000

- Pop up retail shop = 1000

- Catering = 100 per person

- Cleanse per day = 68

- Kitchen rental = 50 an hour


- Web designer
- Graphic designers 
- Photos 
- Social media growth
- PR
- Writer/content
- Open to other offers!