Shelly Kim

Shelly Kim / Letters By Shells

Shelly is a self-taught Modern Brush Calligrapher based in the Southern California area and the creator behind Letters By Shells. She is also an Instructor of Modern Brush Calligraphy and a Published Author of "Learn to Create Modern Calligraphy Lettering" & "Learn to Create Art Deco Lettering." The purpose and structure of Shelly's business is focused on spreading positivity, empowerment, motivation, inspiration, and spreading love to others. She also loves working with all mediums- brush pens, watercolors, pointed pen, embossing, foiling, vinyls, you name it. Shelly has a strong background in public speaking and teaching, which is why she loves hosting workshops on the weekends to empower others to discover their creative outlet with lettering. Random fact- Shelly has experience in Career/Resume Consulting and helping individuals figure out their true passions in life.

Current Residence: Southern California

Favorite Food: Sushi.

Instagram: @lettersbyshells

Additional Social Media Links: YouTube: Letters By Shells


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- Live Calligraphy for Events (email for pricing)

- Private Workshops (helping others find inspiration, motivation, and incorporating that mindset into lettering): $175/person

- Custom Hand-Lettered Logo Design: Starting at $300

- Custom Work- prints, vinyls, etc. (email for pricing)

- Career/Resume Advising: $150/hour

- *Open to custom requests for Weddings, Events, etc.*


- A supportive community where we can help others rise and empower others

- Copywriting

- Letterpress 

- Web Developer

- Studio Space Rental

- Accounting Services

- Open to other offers!