Sarah Doody / The UX Notebook

I'm a User Experience (UX) Designer -- I focus more on the "experience" side of things. So I help people plan out their apps or websites and create wireframes and userflows (kind of like blueprints) of those products. But I don't code and I don't do the "design" (eg. make it pretty). If you're wondering why people are not converting on your website (eg. signing up, checking out, etc) it may be a UX (User Experience) issue. I do audits of websites and apps to help people see where the end user may be having problems.

Current Residence: New York, NY

Favorite Food: Oysters!!!!!!!

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- User Experience Audit of 2 key pages of your website -- $800

- User Experience Audit of 4 key pages of your website -- $1,200

- User Experience Audit of your full product -- $2,600 and up



- Social media strategy ... I have a huge audience and I need a strategy. I need a plan, with a calendar, and an outline of the types of posts and content I should create each month!

- Email marketing ... I want to connect with people who have experience marketing online courses. I would love to have someone audit my existing marketing funnel and help me see what's missing and what I'm overcomplicating.

- Business Organization ... I would love someone to help me audit my existing business operations (eg. email organization, Dropbox organization, etc) and help me make it easier to manage.

- Open to other offers!