Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess / The Lovely Locale

Sarah is an interior designer focusing on residential as well as boutique commercial. She's an expert at bringing people's personality into a space + is able to find solutions for clients on a budget. Sarah is also incredibly passionate about "helping people create a home, that reflects them and is a place that provides joy + inspiration."

Current Residence: Norton, MA

Favorite Food: Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

Instagram: @thelovelylocale

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I charge hourly for interior design services, styling assistance, e-design/virtual design.

5 hrs. : $450
10 hrs. : $850
20 hrs : $1600
30 hrs : $2250


- Accounting Services

- Digital Marketing Strategist 

- Graphic Design

- Web Development 

- Photography

- Influencers

- Open to other offers!