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Sarah Albert / Von Maydell Creatives

Tata Tickaradze is a social media brand expert specializing in Strategy, Planning, Execution and Engagement. A skilled marketer who understands the nuances of all aspects of social presence from planning to development to execution, Tata is the secret weapon when it comes to social media programming and engagement.  She has single-handedly grown significant user communities based on her time-honed process. Tata’s knowledge of content and delivery has been critical in the launch of major brands and professional services alike.

Current Residence: Cantley, Quebec, Canada

Favorite Food: Caramel, put it on anything and I'd love it.

Instagram: @vonmaydellcreatives

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- Complete Branding Kit: starting at $1500

- Logo Design: Starting at $500

- Invitation Design: Starting at $200

- Custom SIgnage: Starting at $75

- Illustrations: Starting at $75

- Watercolour artwork: Starting at $75

- Place cards: $3 each


- Copywriting

- Accountant 

- Social Media Marketing and Managing

- Bookkeeping

- Open to other offers!