Rona Lewis

Rona Lewis / PlayMore Corporate Wellbeing

As a play and creativity consultant, I help people increase innovation and creative thought. When you get blocked creatively, or need a new point of view, I have fantastic exercises, games and techniques to help ideas flow. If you have a group, I can facilitate brainstorming techniques. As adults, we've forgotten how to play! And play makes work MUCH more productive!!

I've also been a professional speaker for over 15 years and have been helping a select number of clients with their speaking skills and speechcraft. How are you on stage? On screen? With interviews? I can help hone your story and your delivery!

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Goat Cheese


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- $250/hour consulting and program development for companies

- $175/hour one-on-one play and creativity consulting

- $150/hour to help improve speaking skills


- Web Design,


- Marketing

- Branding

- Open to other offers!