Rochelle Mulvihill

Rochelle Mulvihill / cleanse skin energy

I am a licensed esthetician also certified in plant-based nutrition, and I truly believe beauty starts from within. I have experienced firsthand how our internal body affects our external body and vise versa. This drove me to develop a holistic approach with my clients.

My facials begin with a calming CBD tea ceremony, focusing on healing your unique skin concerns from within. Each session includes a comprehensive consultation, cleanse and exfoliation, nourishing mask and an array of healing oils/ serums, hydration and UV protection. After your facial indulge in a decadent dark chocolate loaded with antioxidants, handmade with love by Rochelle. It is Rochelle’s intention for you to leave your facial feeling relaxed, empowered and mesmerized by your skin.

Depending on your skin needs, one or more of the following techniques/modalities may be included: LED Light Therapy, High Frequency, Ice Therapy, Facial Cupping, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Current Residence: Pasadena, California

Favorite Food: Vegan Butter Chick'n

Instagram: @cleanseskinenergy_


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- Initial Cleanse Facial
1 hour 45 minutes @ $150.00
All first-time clients will have an initial cleanse facial which includes a 30-minute comprehensive consultation 15-minute tea ceremony along with a 60-minute facial. During your 30 minute comprehensive consultation, we will dive deep to get to the root of your skin concerns. After your facial, you will receive an educational guide that will further help you achieve your dream skin!

- The Cleanse
1 hour 15 minutes @ $100.00
The Cleanse is a monthly self-care essential. The Cleanse includes a 15-minute tea ceremony and a 60-minute facial.

- Cosmic Cleanse
1 hour 45 minutes @ $130.00
Cosmic Cleanse is for those who want to indulge in more self-care time.
Cosmic Cleanse includes a 15-minute tea ceremony and a 90-minute facial.


- Yoga/Pilates
- Massage
- Holistic Doctor
- Photography
- Social Media
- Open to other offers!