Ralphlyne Vieux

Ralphlyne Vieux / Chiće Sugar

Chiće Sugar ordinary cotton candy or popsicle cart, my mission is to offer a premium experience to a not so ordinary event treat incorporating simplistic look soft look that will appeal to any event setting. Our cotton candy is made from pure organic cane sugar using recipes that have been perfected and add only ingredients derived from a real fruit, herb, tea, etc. There are no artificial dyes or flavors in any of our products. Our handcrafted popsicle are always made with only fresh fruits and are all dairy free, gluten free and allergen friendly. I would love to offer event packages or prepackaged options to Barter & Be members.

Current Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Instagram: @chicesugar

Facebook: Chiće Sugar

Website: http://bit.ly/hellochicesugar

Contact via email: chicesugar@gmail.com


Ralphlyne'S BARTERING:

- Tubs of Cotton Candy (QTY:50): $250

- Event Packages ($200-$1,000)

- Box of 24 Popsicles ($84)

- Customized package options


- Photographers

- Graphic Designers

- Copywriters

- Open to other offers!