Pari Rahman

Pari Rahman / De Signature Life

I have master in interior architecture and worked in differner aspects of design like lighting design, furniture design, did space planning and interior design for different companies like Facebook and Ross so I feel confident helping people with a corporate design project , office design, retail design or even residential projects. 

As of last year I quit my job at Facebook to start my own business and after a few months, my first jewelry collection was selling at MOMA in San Francisco and it has been a few months that its selling like crazy! 

I always come up with creative design ideas either for a product design or graphic design or any kind of design. I did my own logo and business card which j think was my first big achievement after I started my own company. It's so popular for some reason !

Current Residence: San Francisco, California

Instagram: @de_signature_life

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- Between 200-1000 depending on the scope of design.


- Marketing and growing my business

- Legal

- Help with influencers

- Open to other offers!