Ozelle Martin

Ozelle Martin / The Law Office of Ozelle Martin LLC

I am a trademark attorney and I'd be happy to help you navigate these often murky waters of trademark law. I want you to build the powerful and fabulous brand that you dreamed of, darling!.. but you cannot do that on shaky legal ground. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding trademarks.

Quick Bio: I was raised on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts but at age 18- I left my 68 square mile paradise bound for New York City. I was determined to conquer the concrete jungle where dreams are made! (cue Jay-Z and Alicia Keys...) While there, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies at St. John's University. The Island girl in me then dashed to the Sunshine State to obtain a Master's degree in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University. I worked a bit in public relations, branding, and social media and alas, I found my happy place! I simply enjoyed helping people nurture their magical brands but, in my quest to further empower creative entrepreneurs to protect their magic- I went to the University of Maryland School of Law and focused my studies in intellectual property law. Now, here I am- ready to help you sift through all this scary legal stuff!

Current Residence: Hanover, Maryland

Favorite Food: Brown Stewed Chicken + anything from the Caribbean.

Instagram: @cre8tivlegal

Website: http://www.ozellemartin.com

Contact via email: ozelle@ozellemartin.com


- Federal Trademark Clearance Research ($350)

- Trademark Registration ($975- $1750)

-Legal Consultation on Trademarks ($300 per hour)


- Speaking Engagements

- Podcast Appearances

- Graphic Design

- Photography

- Video Editing and Production

- Business Coaching

- Copywriting

- Open to other offers!