Olivia Ruckstuhl/Public Relations/Endorsement

Olivia here, pleasure to e-meet you.

I grew up in Spain, my family is currently in Kentucky, and I live in Wisconsin with my amazing husband. I went to college in Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language with a Minor in Photojournalism. I have always had a variety of interests, one of those being supporting people.

I have a passion for supporting people and brands that I believe in. I have always enjoyed stepping into the shoes of others, being understanding, and appreciating their gifts and talents. I am curious and passionate by nature and love telling the world about the creative ventures of others.

Currently, I work at a law firm as a Bilingual Legal Assistant. I enjoy my space in the professional world by maintaining a positive attitude, encouraging co-workers, interpreting, helping to move cases, meeting clients, and being painstakingly detailed, organized, efficient, and diligent.

My foundation, both professionally and personally, is to image God, serve others, and do justice. It is my goal to produce high quality work in every area of my life. Dream big because you will achieve those dreams!

Current Residence: Madison, WI

Favorite Food: Avocado toast & Black & Green Organix 85% Dark Chocolate.

Instagram: @liv.ruckstuhl

Contact via email: oliviaruckstuhl@yahoo.com



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- Public Relations

- Articles/photography 


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- Open to other offers!