Nicole Canovas

Nicole Canovas / Husmus Audio & Graphics

I edit the audio and produce the podcast episodes for Sara Weinreb's "Medium Well" podcast, Megan Bruneau's "Failure Factor" podcast, Baily Hancock's "Stop, Collaborate & Listen" podcast, and I'm the audio engineer for Messy Media. I'm also an artist/graphic designer, and I've created the show art for The Podcast Whisperer podcast on and avatars for people on I also create text-based graphics for Megan Bruneau, so I basically take a quote she creates and make it into an Instagram graphic. I also create the graphics for the Instagram ( unless otherwise stated.

Current Residence: Remsenburg, New York

Favorite Food: Cupcakes!

Instagram: @feraldoe_husmus



Contact via email:



- I usually charge $15 an hour for all of my services. So whether it's audio or graphics, however long it takes, that's how I gauge the value.


- Social visibility! As a "behind the scenes" worker, people don't know I'm connected in any way to these podcasts. I do promote them on my own site and social media accounts, but you have to know me first to see that. So I suppose things that would get my name/Husmus out there and on people's radar.

- Open to other offers!