Nicole Best 

I'm a freelance copywriter and published author based in LA. My specialties include brand identity, blog contribution and social, web and email copywriting. I previously worked at creative studio Matte Black for 3+ years as the Senior Manager of Influencer Programs, so I have a footprint in digital. In August of 2017 I published a book of haikus written on modern dating culture. It's called Haikantwithyou and is sold on Amazon, in addition to about either book stores in LA, including Skylight Books and the Pop-Hop in Highland Park!

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: All the yummy Italian food, please!

Instagram: @haikantwithyou

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- Website Copy (3+ pages i.e. ecommerce site / product copy): $800+

- Brand Identity (including voice, tone, language, purpose, persona): $500

- Website Copy (3 pages i.e. home, about, contact): $450

- Social Media Content Calendar: $250

- 1x Blog (300-500 words): $55


- Engagement for the haiku social media

- Book distribution (to bookstores outside of LA)

- Influencer seeding work

- Open to other offers!