Dr.Nadia Musavvir

 I'm a licensed naturopathic doctor using Eastern and Western philosophies and methods to restore the body’s normal physiology in order to get to the root of medical concerns. I most commonly work with driven, entrepreneurial women to optimize their health and energy to help them maintain the flowing energy and productivity to do all they need to do. Some common conditions I help these women with are PCOS, PMS, aging/skin concerns, fatigue, weight management, IBS, digestive concerns. I do this with my in-depth intake process, functional and standard clinical assessments. Treatments range from customized supplement protocols, customized vitamin injections (which have been included at the Indie Beauty Expo, Girlboss Rally and next month at the Fearless Conference), botanical medicine blends, craniosacral therapy and/or platelet-rich plasma facials (for which I was featured in Allure magazine).

Current Residence: Chicago/LA

Favorite Food:  i love it all!

Instagram: @_drnadia_

Website: http://www.drmusavvir.com

Contact via email: drnadiamusavvir@gmail.com



- Initial consult (60-75 min): $350
- Follow up consult (30 min): $175
- Check in (15 min): $80
- Lab review: $100 per set of labs
- Membership: $3000 per year (or $260 per month)

- Vitamin injection therapy: $30+
- Craniosacral therapy: $75
- Nebulizer therapy: $75
- Microneedling: $500
- PRP Facial: $800+
- PRP Hair restoration: $1000+


- Logo Design

- Brand Identity

- Social Media 

- Graphic Design

- Photography 

- Open to other offers!