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Here + Now Creative Co.

We design brands for businesses rooted in goodness. We come from diverse design backgrounds with years of experience working as in-house and agency designers. As a creative team, we each bring something unique to the table (other than snacks). We provide you with a knockout visual identity that will not only enable you to stand out in your market, but also attract your loyal customers. 

Current Residence: Maryland

Favorite Food: Pizza, of course!


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Meghan + Samantha'S BARTERING:

- Essential Branding Package: Primary + Secondary Custom Logo, Submarks, Accents / Pattern, Custom Business Card Design, Color Palette, Typography, Mood Board, PDF Brand Guidelines ($2485.00) 

- Brilliant Branding Package: Primary + Secondary Custom Logo, Sub marks, Pattern + Accents, Custom Business Card Design, Color Palette, Typography, Mood Board, PDF Brand Guide, Coming Soon Landing Page, Custom Squarespace or WordPress Website Installation & Setup, 3 Weeks of Post-Launch Support ($5245.00) 

- Print and Packaging Design (dependent upon project) 


- Accountants 

- Copywriting 

- SEO / Web Developer