Meg Summerfield

Meg Sheeley / Meg Summerfield Studio, LLC

Hi! I'm Meg Summerfield, a graphic designer hailing from the small state of Rhode Island. Here at the studio studio, I focus on branding and custom Squarespace designs for creatives and small businesses. Along with running the studio, I also run Square Design Guild, a mentoring and community group where we have membership of over 100 designers from over 10 countries.

Current Residence: Rhode Island

Favorite Food: Sourdough Toast.

Instagram: @megsummerfield_studio


Contact via email:



- Squarespace Custom Site (up to 10 pages - $3250)

- Branding Design Package ($3150)

- Mini Site for Squarespace - refurbish your site 1 main page + styling ($1150)

- Graphic Design Collateral (hourly $90)


- Custom Illustration

- Photography 

- Social Media Strategy

- Copywriting

- Let's talk - open to ideas!