Marina Reimler

Marina Reimler

I'm a digital marketing specialist and can help with both organic and paid social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, content and marketing strategy. I can set up you Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google ads, help you understand the basics of Google Analytics and develop a custom strategy for you on how to grow your business with digital marketing. In addition to that, I'm a translator and can help you expand to the German market since I specialized in internationalization.

Current Residence: Sunnyvale, California

Instagram: @marinareimler



Contact via email:



- Social Advertising Strategy: $500

- Ads Set-up: $250-$500

- SEO audit: $500 - $1500

- Custom Strategy for all channels: $1000

- Google Analytics Set-up: $500

- Google Analytics Intro: $1000

- Translations and Content Creation (for Germany): $200 - $2000/piece


- Photography

- Design

- Open to other offers!