Mariah Liszewski / Mariah Magazine Web & Strategy Studio

Mariah is a website designer + strategist that takes the data and the numbers behind a website and uses them to create and develop a successful online foundation for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She helps website owners stop shooting in the dark and praying for results, and actually start using their website to get noticed online and grow their business.

Mariah's here to help turn your corner of the web into the strongest tool for your business, whether that's through website creation, consulting, or auditing to find the REAL problem that's holding you back from the results you want. She specializes in working with WordPress, Squarespace, and occasionally dabbles in the Shopify world. She's a little obsessed with Google Analytics and creating strategic solutions that work for your unique biz goals and online presence.

Current Residence: Buffalo, NY

Favorite Food: I could eat avacados with every single meal (god I sound like such a millennial )

Instagram: @mariahmagazinedesign

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- Website Creation starting at $3500

- In-depth Website Audits $400

- Consulting + Strategy Sessions $150/hour

-  Website Updates starting at $100/hour


- Public Relations

- Admin Assistance

- Graphic Design

- Open to other offers!