Maia Hariton 

I'm the founder of a web design studio focused on Squarespace websites. I'm originally from France and I currently travel the world with my husband while working remotely. So I really enjoy traveling and have “designed” my working life around being able to go all over the world with my husband. I love turning a client's ideas and goals into a website that delivers a memorable experience.  I usually can design and build a Squarespace website for a client in a week!

Current Residence: I am a digital nomad but usually the US

Favorite Food: Endive salad and chocolate

Instagram: @maia_hariton


Contact via email:



- Mini Website – $1500 (1 week)
Squarespace website designed and built - up to 4 pages.

- Full Website – starting at $2500 (2 weeks)
Squarespace website designed and built - up to 10 pages.


- Coaching Services

- Accounting

- Content Creation Services

- Open to other offers!