Lizzy Okoro Palafox

Lizzy Okoro Palafox / LO Consulting

I help brands create a plan for growth. I previously launched a print magazine in 2011 that shared best business practices for creatives. That business didn't make one red cent for 3 years. Rather than give up, I gave in and dedicated all my time and money to turning that ship around. Fast forward to a complete brand revamp that led to growing our social media by 10x daily, selling out the next issue, a global distribution deal, and $20k in funding from Urban Outfitters. I would go on to grow our team to over 80 freelance creatives, we added a digital platform and creative agency. I was soon asked to help other brands do the same. My client list includes adidas, Squarespace and Baxter of California to name a few. I absolutely LOVE chatting with small business owners, especially the ones who are struggling to make ends meet. Let's meet!

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Pizza

Instagram: @lizzyokoro


Contact via email:



- Brand clarity session: $750

- Full brand strategy (which includes a brand clarity session, research, report and potential intros to other collaborators): $3,000


- Video production

- UI

- Graphic Design

- Web Development,

- Digital Marketing

- Open to other offers!