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Lizz Dawson / To Our Depths

I have most of my "professional" experience in social media and digital marketing copy/writing, but what I thrive in is telling stories. It started with a love of telling my own through creative nonfiction and poetry, and has grown into a love of helping others find and tell theirs. Essentially, I take copy and add narrative, rhythm, and major heart. I have experience with content creation as well, primarily through Instagram. 

I'm also a 200+ hour yoga teacher who's pretty magical at getting others into their heart space via discussion/coaching, yoga, and meditation. 
I have a BA in professional writing, a minor in creative writing, and I've worked with a bunch of magazines, publications, businesses and creative agencies, but I don't really think that's what's important. The work I've done to heal and grow into my authentic self (a life-long practice) is what shines through all the work that I do. 

I'm a seeker and a student above anything else with a passion for life that's emerged through crushing hardships and remained through spiritual practice and unshakeable faith in the Universe, god, and goodness. Beyond excited to connect, collaborate, and learn from other through this service.


Current Residence: York, PA

Favorite Food: AVOCADOS, goat cheese, and salmon. preferably in a bowl all together.

Instagram: @lizzdawsontwozs


Contact via email:



- Storytelling for personal or business brand (like a business profile/promo): around $150 per 500 words (cost depending on word count)

- Blogs: $100-200 per blog depending on word count

- Copy for website/social media feeds: $45 / hour

- Instagram curation/content creation: $45 / hour

- I can also offer yoga and coaching services as well. :) 
*All prices subject for discussion


- Blog/website redesign

- Logo Design

- Professional Portraits

- Coaching around accounting + entrepreneurship

- Open to other offers!