Laura Emanuel / Mystic Dirt

I'm the founder of Mystic Dirt, a beauty and wellness company dedicated to empowering self-care, self-worth, and self-love in women. I've created these self-care ceremonies as a sacred circle for women to come together to listen to the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of our community, and the wisdom that lies within herself. I am also an Intuitive Reiki Coach. This practice uses Reiki healing to create a safe, loving space to call up your inner knowledge and your soul's deep desires. I'm guessing you are already really good at doing; I'm here to support you in how you are being. Don't worry, type A's, it is not all ethereal. Committed action is still involved, but this committed action is centered around choosing your authentic self, all day, every day. 

As a Reiki healer, I'm always honored when you choose me to be your channel to Reiki energy. ! I offer packages in Reiki, coaching or combined Reiki/coaching sessions.

Current Residence: Venice, California

Favorite Food: French Fries ( with a side of spicy mayo of course!)

Instagram: @lauralemanuel


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- Reiki energy healing session (1hour for $125)

- Intuitive coaching ($75 add-on to Reiki session)

- Personalized recorded guided visualization ($75 add-on to Reiki Session)

- Self Love Ceremony (2 hours, up to 6 attendees for $300)

- Customized Workshop, Bridal Shower or Baby Shower event (price upon request)


- Photography

- Social Media Management

- Copy Writing 

- Legal + Financial Advice

- Open to other offers!