Kristine Neil

Kristine Neil / Markon Brands

I am the owner and creative director of Markon Brands, a communications and creative studio based in Vancouver, Washington. We specialize in helping small to medium businesses get online, get noticed and get their messaging on point. 

Markon Brands was founded in 2012 after working my way up to the C-suite managing other people's companies for nearly a decade. Though rewarding in some ways, I felt I needed to stretch my entrepreneurial and creative muscles so I launched the unique plan to buy an old print shop and morph it into a design and marketing agency. My journey to building a branding studio from the remnants of a near-obsolete business proves that the road to success is rarely a straight line. We started by leveraging the changing needs of the diverse clientele of that going-out-of-business print shop and have since grown to help ambitious entrepreneurs across the country elevate their communications on social media, the web, and in the real world.

As Markon’s current creative director, I combine a lifelong love of design with a background in management, communications, and marketing, creating cohesive and compelling brands for clients with a distinctive multimedia approach. Being an entrepreneur with extensive management experience myself, I am well suited to work with both newly formed and established companies on brand identity and digital marketing projects. I may no longer be in the print business, but my long history of being a “maker” in an increasingly digital world sets my work apart.

Current Residence: Vancouver, WA USA

Favorite Food: Is... coffee a food?!

Instagram: @markonbrands


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- Landing Page - $1000

- Full Web Design - $5000

- Full Web Design + Listings & Marketing Support - $12k+



- Google Adwords

- Digital Marketing

- Photography

- Copywriting

- Graphic Design

- Open to other offers!