Kristan Vermeulen

Kristan Vermeulen / Knotical PR

My name is Kristan Vermeulen and I recently moved from my home state of Maryland to Maine. When moving up here I had a full time job but then found out I was pregnant. As time progressed I thought hard about what I wanted to do, be a stay at home Mom or be a working Mom? I decided to do both, I started my own PR & Marketing company while tending to my beautiful daughter. My clientele are mainly products with a lifestyle focus and I also have a couple clients who have a sustainability focus. Clients include: Sea Bags, CHART Metalworks, & Sofia Fima. My clients are mainly small businesses in New England but I continue to expand in other locations. I also recently brought on a part time employee. 

What I love to do is be my client's ambassador. I want to help tell there story by pitching to media and influencers in a way they find it authentic and true. If you need assistance in pitching and anchoring your story, I'm your go to girl!

Current Residence: Maine

Favorite Food: Blueberry Muffins

Instagram: @knotical


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- PR Strategy - $800

- Press Release - $400

- Press Kit - $400

- Media Relations - $600

- Influencer & Brand Connection - $500


- Product

- Influencers

- Open to other offers!