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Kimber Brown 

I’m Kimber, and there is really no other way to describe me; although many would classify me as care free, yet highly stressed, fun loving, yet bit of a drama queen, extremely organized, yet severely chaotic, average girl in her thirties. I try not to classify myself as a photographer, just a self-taught, trial-and-error, travel junkie with a love for all things beautiful, foreign and tasty.

If I could spend my life photographing my way across the world, I would. However, this fantasy highly exceeds my budget but this is why I have such a passion for photography. One snapshot can take you anywhere in the world – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than travel expenses.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Chocolate ChipCookies.

Instagram: @kimber.brown


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- Lifestyle Photoshoot (45 minutes): ($350)

- Product Photography: ($325/hr)

- Professional Head shots: ($220)


- Graphic Design

- Web Design 

- Social Media

- Family Photos

- Open to other offers!