Kate Lyman Nutrition

I have built a nutrition coaching business based on the philosophy that you don't have to diet and be miserable in order to reach your goals. I help individuals work towards their aesthetic, performance, or lifestyle goals through a flexible approach where they can still enjoy the foods they want, when they want them, without feeling like they need to stick to a long list of rules and restrictions. I have worked with hundreds of individuals over the last 3 years - from busy moms with five kids looking to get back to their pre-baby weight to high-level athletes looking to optimize performance.

Current Residence: Memphis, Tennessee 

Favorite Food: Pink sugar cookies!

Instagram: @klnutrition

Additional Social Media Links: facebook.com/katelymannutrition || https://www.pinterest.com/katestrickling/

Website: http://katelymannutrition.com

Contact via email: kate@katelymannutrition.com



- Monthly unlimited nutrition coaching: $155/month || 6-week Macro Plan: $245


- Web Design

- Social Media Marketing

- Open to other offers!