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Karlee Eldridge 

The voice of our 'How It Works' video, Karlee is a full time Actor/Model and makeup artist. Her makeup career started as a hobby sparked by being on set all the time, and now she's so blessed to call it another career. Being an actress as well as a model, she's accustomed to both sides of the camera. While both careers are very important to Karlee, makeup is by far is her true love. Making people look and feel their best is what she loves to do! 

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Sushi

Instagram: @karleeeldridge


Contact via email:



- Photoshoot rate ($500)

- Modeling rate ($150/hr)

- Full Glam Makeup Session ($100)

- Acting rate is Scale

- Voiceover upon request 


- Website Development

- Photography 

- Graphic Design

- Social Media Enhancements

- Open to other offers!