Jane Scudder / The New Exec

I'm a certified coach who works largely with high-performing leaders, entrepreneurs, and ambitious professionals. I support people as they make sense of their ideas, wants, dreams, and concerns--the general chaos that lives in our brains--and make progress on positive, sustainable change. 

I am a trained Co-Active coach and use the Co-Active coaching model in my work. This enables me to support individuals and groups as they make progress on anything from launching or scaling a business or project, to moving across the country, landing a new role, finding balance, or thriving in new management responsibilities. 

I've been running my coaching business since 2014. I have racked up 500+ coaching and mentorship hours, worked with clients across 5 continents, and have taught nearly 1,000 students through my original workshops, trainings, and university lectures. I've also coached multiple political candidates on public speaking, confidence, and balance, including one who recently won a major political party nomination in spring 2018. 

I've partnered directly with General Assembly, Career Contessa, Dollar Shave Club, Women's March Illinois, and Beacon Capital Partners. My coaching has also supported global brands including Facebook, Amazon, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, State Farm, 3M, Mercedes, and more.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois 

Favorite Food: Tie between green smoothies and Haribo gummi bears

Instagram: @janescudder

Social Media Link: http://www.twitter.com/janescudder

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janescudder

Website: http://www.thenewexec.com

Additional Website: janescudder.com

Contact via email: jane@janescudder.com



- 6-Month Business or Career Mentorship = $3,000+

- 6-Month Coaching Program - $3,000+

- Workshop Programs & Speaking - $2,000+

- 3-Month Public Speaking Coaching Program - $2,000+

- Interview & Pitch Coaching - $250/session

- Guest Blog Posts - $450+


- Logo design
- Social media posts & strategy
- Copy writing
- Photography
- Legal support
- Accounting
- Acupuncture
- PR and influencer outreach and marketing
- Website development
- Email templates, strategy, and CRM
- Hotels
- Open to other offers!