Ithiel Batoon / ITHIEL B.

Ithiel (pronounced e-thee-yell) is a native Filipino but resides in Louisiana. Ithiel says "I’m bilingual & about to be a trilingual. I’m a city girl but I LOVE the outdoors. I come off as this “well-composed” person but really, I’m just like everyone else - figuring my life out. I’m into beauty and fashion, just like any other girl. I also like food & traveling (of course)."
I recently explored the life of an Influencer & things have been great! I do enjoy it. I’ve worked with Evian (promoting their facial spray) (you see this post on my Instagram) I’m currently working with Neutrogena (promoting their new acne products + facial masks) (post will soon be posted on Instagram) and I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Origins (promoting their new primer, post is also on Instagram).

Current Residence: Delhi, Louisiana

Favorite Food: Shrimp Etoufee.

Instagram: @xleihti

Additional Social Media Links: Snapchat - xleihti // Pinterest - xleihti

Website: http://instagram.com/xleihti

Contact via email: xleihti@gmail.com



- Social Media Trade



- Social Media Trade

- Open to other offers!