Gwen Vogelzang

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Gwen Vogelzang

I've been a writer from the time I could hold a pencil. Words are my favorite and using them succinctly and creatively is my gifting. I'm currently working with my 11 year old son on our first book publishing deal, set to launch in Sept 2019. Spending 13 years as a marketing and public relations manager at a large non-profit in the Denver area also gave me a substantial amount of knowledge in marketing tactics and media knowledge. I dream big and have the ability to navigate the tangible steps that lead to big picture goals. Organization and planning are two of my core love languages. Finally, if, by chance, you need counseling on adoption or working with or raising kiddos with special needs, I'm also your girl. I do a whole lot of work focused in those arenas of parenting. It's one of those, you live it you can speak to it areas of life.

Current Residence: Centennial, Colorado

Favorite Food: Wine. No food, just wine.

Instagram: @gwenvogelzang


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- Copy writing services: $80 per hour or .50 cents per word. 

- Marketing consultation: $75 per hour


- Web Development 

- Open to other offers!