Glady Dalton / Heart take the Wheel LLC

Hi!!! I'm Glady Anne, and I create photography for your brand!
That means headshots, branding portraits, product, custom stock, behind the scenes, your space, etc... basically all those photos you need to share your message with the world.

I also have a library of stock photos and more resources that I create for brands & business owners to get what they need to keep going. Plus, I love creating Squarespace sites! Beautiful & simple spaces on the internet make me happy!

Whatever you got going on, I just love to meet up in person or online to chat! Building relationships & working as a community is my favorite part of what I do! 

Current Residence: St. George, UT

Favorite Food:  Chips!

Instagram: @hearttakethewheel

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- Custom Stock Photos - $675

- Branding Portraits - $400

- Squarespace Sites - $275+

- The Heart Library membership - $200/yr

- Headshots - $150

- Product Photography - $100+


- Content Creation

- Product Styling 

- Products for Product Styling

- Open to other offers!