Farrah Marisa

Farrah Marisa / Executive Life Coach

Farrah Marisa is a transformational Executive Coach, speaker, prison reform advocate, and steward of feminine leadership. 

She combines an unique blend of visionary leadership and connection in coaching, aligning actions with purpose to make a meaningful contribution in the world.
Nothing brings her greater joy than supporting women thrive as the best version of themselves, while also empowering them to get out of their own way. 

Farrah brings over 13 years of corporate and business experience to her coaching consultancy, supporting entrepreneurs, founders, executives, change makers and leaders of innovation, creativity and consciousness.

She is an advocate for prison reform and leads and facilitates workshops in the California prison system, coaching and mentoring hundreds of incarcerated men and women.

Her authenticity, genuine love for others and commitment to growth and personal development keeps her light shining brightly. Her commitment to her clients is to demonstrate that vulnerability is strength, that transparency is courage, and that authenticity is love. She works with those who are committed to true growth, transformation and change and who are ready to play all in. 

Farrah has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

Barter offering:
Personal + Professional Development
Clients who are seeking to find their Purpose
Business Strategy
Innerpersonal Skills
Clients who are searching for more joy, purpose, fulfillment, achievement, integrity, authenticity and alignment in their life
Clients who are searching for a healthier relationship with Self
Coaching, mentoring sales teams
Connecting, Networking

Current Residence: Venice, California

Favorite Food: Sushi

Instagram: @joyofthesea

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farrahmarisamyers/

Website: http://farrahmarisa.com

Contact via email: farrahmarisa@gmail.com



- Strategy Session $500 (3 hours)

- Coaching 6-months $12,000

- 3-months $6,000

- *Negotiable based on client needs


- Mail chimp support - template, add contacts

- Squarespace web design / edits

- Social Media support - increase followers, post strategy

- Logo

- Build Shopify e-commerce site

- Open to other offers!