Erin Lehr

Erin Lehr / Kpi Bookkeeping & Consulting

I love working with entrepreneurs and helping them to get organized with their finances. I don't like to just shove you your financial reports and assume you know what all that means. I want to make sure that you understand your numbers, where they come from, how to read your reports, and how do make informed decisions based on those reports. My goal is to help you feel confident and educated about your business finances while saving you time.

Current Residence: Phoenix, Arizona

Favorite Food: Veggie Pizza

Instagram: @kpibookkeeping


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- $200-$350 Monthly bookkeeping depending on your needs.

- $200-2 hour Quickbooks Online training. $200 2-hour consultative call.


- Social Media

- Photography

- Copywriting

- Open to other offers!