Elizabeth Lee / Elly & Co.

I love being a part of the creative maker community in Southern California and Elly & Co. is my way of giving back. My mission is to empower doers, dreamers, and risk-takers, helping them build their own businesses and share their stories with the world. With five years of experience in marketing specifically for small businesses, we work on creative strategies for bootstrapped entrepreneurs that unlock scalable, sustainable growth. Let's connect and make some magic happen!

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Coffee

Instagram: @ellyand.co

Website: http://ellyand.co

Contact via email: hello@ellyand.co


Elizabeth'S BARTERING:

- Website maintenance and management ($600 – $1,000)

- Brochure, white paper, and one-sheet design ($500)

- Branding kit ($350)

- Logo design ($250)

- Business card design ($100)


- Photography

- Products for product photography 

- Event invitations

- Open to other offers!