Dayna Lapkovsky / Suite 203

Dayna Lapkovsky is on a mission to help brands become customer favourites. As a marketing strategist with over 15 years experience in building and safeguarding corporate images, she has worked with an array of companies, from start-ups to international powerhouses, including Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Aquatalia, Avon and Birks & Mayors Jewlers. 

Dayna is the owner of Suite 203 Communications, a marketing consultancy that helps lifestyle brands become the #1 choice for their customers by recommending the best combination of strategies & tactics to reach the right people at the right time.

Current Residence: Montreal

Instagram: @suite203comm



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- SOUNDING BOARD SESSIONS via Skype or phone = $1,500 CAD ($1,137 US)
Expert marketing advice, on-demand
A series of five 2-hour long calls to share and strengthen ideas that you feel require an expert opinion. I will offer advice, inspiration and a fresh perspective on your marketing challenges and opportunities. As well, I will share tactical tips, tricks and best practices to help you reach your full marketing potential. Sessions can be used to coach your team on specific marketing tools such as social media, blogging and/or media relations.

- BRAND-STORM WORKSHOP via Skype = $1,000 CAD ($760 US)
Prioritized action planning to conquer your marketing challenges:
This 6 hour brand-storming session is designed for start-ups, solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses. With key-stakeholders around the table, I will focus on your specific marketing challenge; be it launching a product, capturing a new target market, or maximizing your current marketing and communication tactics to effectively reach your goals.
At the end of the workshop you will have an actionable plan of marketing strategies, prioritized to make a big impact in the short term.


- Graphic Design

- Accounting

- Finance

- PR

- Open to other offers!