Danielle Fuechtmann

Danielle Fuechtmann Creative

I’m a designer and textile artist with a passion for visual storytelling. My design journey started with an English degree - studying story and pairing it with courses in art history, media, and, in my last term, becoming smitten with graphic design. After a few years working in marketing and journalism, I seized the opportunity to go back to school and formally study design; I chose to leap straight into the freelance life upon graduation. 

I celebrate a heritage of craftsmanship and a lineage of makers through my emphasis on combining handmade elements with digital processes and maintaining a studio practice through my textile work. 

I believe design and story are core parts of our humanity and, when used thoughtfully, powerful tools for creating social change. I champion a creative practice that looks forward through sustainability and social responsibility.

Current Residence: Canada

Favorite Food: Pho

Instagram: @dsfuechtmann

Website: http://dsfuechtmann.com

Contact via email: dsfuechtmann@gmail.com



- Branding package
Logo, strategy, moodboard and story, collateral, custom illustrations and patterns.
Starting at $3000

- Brand refinement and updates
Have some elements you love but need some parts of your branding updated? Moodboard and elements/collateral as needed
Starting at $1500

- Moodboard/Visual Story Services
Need help distilling your brand and story into a moodboard? 
Starting at $150

- Graphic Design a la carte
Need graphic design services like one-off documents, posters, graphics, etc? I can help you or support your busy in-house designer!
Pricing varies.
Hourly: $150
Per page documents: $10-15/page
Per graphic $20
Packages available.

- Web Design
Ready for a new home on the web? Squarespace and Wordpress
Starting at $2000. 
Can be an add-on to other packages. 
Hosting fees paid separately.


- Accounting advice
- Legal advice
- Marketing strategy/consulting
- Photography
- Printing/letterpress
- Open to other offers!