Danielle Chambers

Danielle Chambers / Priority One - Virtual Assiatant & Marketing Agency

Priority One is a virtual assistant & marketing agency. We offer social media management, web design, errands and admin support, helping where you lack sustenance in your business and offering the tools to grow the right way from the start! Gain access to hands on assistants ready to make your life & business easier! We help maximize time and profitability and restore the life / work balance that many find a challenge to maintain, without the need to hire full-time staff! If you need it done, call P1!

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Food: Ice cream, donuts, cake, pasta, anything with cheese

Instagram: @p1priorityone

Website: http://www.p1priorityone.com

Contact via email: P1priorityone@gmail.com



- $600 basic website (includes mobile friendly version)

- $450/mo social media management

- $300 CRM set up

- $40/hr admin support, design, misc.


- Website design

- Social media management / ad, cover, post design

- Publication design - business cards, flyers, etc.

- System implementation and streamlining ( CRM’s, online bookings, online stores etc.) 

- Business start up assistance. Branding / Marketing

- Open to other offers!