Daniela Busciglio / DFB Consulting

I'm a professor of applied linguistics and I recently opened up my own firm specializing in communications. I work with individuals, groups, organizations, and candidates running for office to frame their message according to their values and build out their messaging to their customers or (potential) voters. This is the very foundation of building their brand and identity as a person or organization and my job is to help them distill what they value/stand for and how they want to convey that to their clientele.

Current Residence: Oklahoma City

Favorite Food: Buddha Bowls!

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielabusciglio

Website: http://dfbconsulting.co

Contact via email: politicalmessaging@gmail.com



- A strategy session = $500 with the final outcomes being
1) values
2) framing of the brand id and
3) content (keywords, phrases, etc) to put on websites or oral content (e.g. for a video production)


- Graphic Design

- Logo Design 

- Website Development.

- Open to other offers!