Dani Paquin

Dani Paquin / Agapantha Jewelry

I have owned Agapantha since 2004 and have been full time for over 10 years. Before that, just over 6 years on the road as a touring singer-songwriter. I know the hustle. My #1 bartering choice would be the obvious, JEWELRY. Let's get you wearing that dream ring stack or set of layering necklaces - maybe you're getting married and need custom jewelry for your wedding party or want to get all of your girls holiday presents. Want to have your friends over for a unique experience? I can come and teach you and your friends how to make and walk out with your new favorite piece of jewelry (In the greater Los Angeles area). I can share my learnings and insights, tips and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur for the past 20 years. What's it like to do a trade show? I've got you. How do I get new accounts? Yep. Heck, let's get creative... I grew up in the balloon business (yes, that's a thing) and can build a balloon arch like whoa.

Current Residence: Torrance, California

Favorite Food: French Fries

Instagram: @agapanthajewelry

Website: http://www.agapantha.com

Contact via email: dani@agapantha.com



- Jewelry - $25 and up

- Private Jewelry class - $75-$150 per person depending on project

- Custom Jewelry project - to be determined

- Balloon Decorating - let's discuss

- Product based business consulting


- Photography - both product/lifestyle for social media content

- Copywriter

- Social Media Manager


- Email Marketing

- Shopify web developer

- Open to other offers!