Danae Huff

Danae Huff / Danae Elizabeth Consulting

I am a Social Media Strategist and Social Advertising guru! I've been in the space for six years and have recently taken my side-hustle full time! I'm happy to share my portfolio with anyone interested in seeing some of my work.

Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois 

Favorite Food: Pizza

Instagram: @danaeelizabeth

Additional Social Media Links: http://www.facebook.com/danaeelizabeth

Website: http://www.DanaeElizabeth.com

Contact via email: DanaeElizabeth@gmail.com



- $1,000 // one-month campaign strategy, executional tactics, and social media page refresh

- $2,000 // one-month campaign strategy, social media advertising execution and ad spend, post execution


- Photography 

- Designer 

- Small business owners that have services that would benefit my company!

- Open to other offers!