Ciara Gigleux

Ciara Gigleux Editing

I help business owners turn their flat, beige copy into zingy, stand-out messaging that lands them customers. They get to increase their profits and their impact, I get to do what I love. Win, win.

My methods use research, analysis and good old fashioned storytelling to create copy that doesn't just converts – it draws people in. 

First, I do a thorough background review of your current copy & strategy (if you have one). I look at what your competitors are doing, past customer feedback, your current site statistics & analytics. This allows me to paint a detailed picture of what you are currently doing, how it is being perceived and how it relates to the bigger market you occupy a space in (so that I can identify ways to make you stand out!).

Then, I create the main copy and messaging elements for your business: your brand story, mission, voice, ideal language, one-liner, elevator pitch, your customers’ ongoing problems & challenges, your identified niche and USP, and a selection of headlines and CTAs.

I then use this to write SEO-optimised copy for your website; to create eye-catching and engaging social media bios; and to strategise your copy and content so that you can maximise your impact and really stand out from your competition. 

I spent a long time in the world of academia: getting 2 degrees + a PhD, communicating my research to people in a way that didn’t make them want to take a nap, teaching students and trying to get them to engage with me.

But after a while, I realised that I cared a lot more about communication, creating jazzy-looking powerpoints and posters & figuring out what made people sit up and take notice, than my research subject. I realised that all the time I spent in the evenings and weekends making websites, writing blog posts, learning about brand messaging and communication & being creative, was nudging me towards what I actually wanted to spend my time doing: copywriting.

I spent a long time figuring out what to say to my clients to make me stand out from my competition. Now, I help other business owners do the same.

Current Residence: France

Favorite Food: Pasta! Cakes! Too many favourites!

Instagram: @ciaragigleux

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- $300 social copy and strategy

- $1000 site copy and strategy

- $2000 full shebang – site and social copy and strategy


- Logo/graphic Design

- Business Coaching

- Anything to help my with my personal brand

- Open to other offers!