Catherine Dunlavey Photography

I'm a classically trained biologist turned adventurous couples and portrait photographer. I split my time between Connecticut and Scotland. I love adventuring and travelling and this manifests in the shoot locations I use. My greatest strength is my ability to help people feel comfortable and have fun in front of my lens to produce candid, movement centric photos. I love capturing joy and excitement and the entire process is so meaningful to me! I provide highly personalised and tailored adventurous couples shoots and individual portraits. 

Photography is a way to press pause for just a second and preserve the emotions, memories and uniqueness of a moment or season in your story and to me that is the most valuable part of the process. A photo can be a precious memory or a way to say "Hey world! This is me!" and I'd feel lucky to help any of you do that!

Current Residence: Connecticut

Favorite Food: Mango Avocado Salsa

Instagram: @catherinejohannaphotography

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Catherine'S BARTERING:

- Couples/Engagement Photography (adventurous setting) with 20 edited high-res digital files  - $450

- Senior Photography (10 edited high-res images) - $300

- Portraits/Lifestyle Photography (10 edited high-res images) - $300

- Introduction to DSLR Cameras and Lightroom 


- Lifestyle Photography

- Graphic, Logo, or Web Design

- SEO support

- Copywriter 

- Coaching, mentoring

- Open to other offers!