Catherine Blakemore

Catherine Blakemore / Treadaway Co.

Catherine has worked with primarily female-owned businesses to launch their visual identities, build up their brand, design and develop their websites, and coach them into success by using a fortified brand strategy framework specific to each client. All that to say — Treadaway Co. is your brand's best friend and toughest coach. Treadaway Co. is Catherine's Salt-Lake City-based design practice with expertise in building brand experiences that drive loyalty. Whether our clients want to create an all new visual identity, or amplify their existing one, we create strategy-based aesthetics to turn your clients into raving fans. We’re a small but deeply dedicated design firm focused on enhancing the lives of our clients, their clients, and everyone around us through design. 

In short, I'd love to work with business owners to help them find clarity, refine their existing website design (Hey, Barter & be — let me show you what I can do in half a day with your site!), and update their visual identities.

Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Food: Omakase Sushi

Instagram: @treadawaydesign

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Catherine'S BARTERING:

- Branding & Visual Identity: 
Average Investment $3,500

- Squarespace Web Design & Development: 
Average Investment $5,500

- Art Direction & Marketing Design: 
Average Investment $4,500

- Strategy Session Package: 
Average Investment $1,000


- Copywriting
- Lifestyle Photography
-Digital Marketing
- Teaming Up with Influencers
- Custom Illustrations
- Products for Client Gifts
- Open to other offers!